Q. Once I've agreed my coffee subscription does it set up a rolling order in which it will automatically take my money?

A. No, we will send a confirmation e-mail with a checkout link attached for you to confirm each order. 

Q. Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

A. Yes, you can unsubscribe through the checkout links sent before each purchase. You decide when you would like your coffee.

Q. Do I have to subscribe to receive Lyrical Coffee?

A. No, you can make purchases on individual bags without having to commit to our subscription service, keep it on the "Purchase once" option in your cart.

Q. What coffee roasts do you offer?

A. We offer light to medium roasts in "The Coffee Structure". We feel this preserves all the best qualities in your coffee, we may play around with a darker roast in the future though.

Q. What grind sizes do you do?

A. We can offer FINE, MEDIUM-FINE, MEDIUM, COARSE. These are options that will be added to the website shortly, we kindly ask you send us an e-mail at lyricalfriends@outlook.com if you have a specific grind size in the mean time.