Coffee cart project PT2 and more!!

Well you know what people say.. better late than never. It's been just over a year since my last blog and although so much has happened this year, I've not been able to sit myself down and write about it. You would think with the crazy year we have had and all of us being in lockdown I would have had the time too, but something has kept me from doing so. I'll try and dig into this now.

So the last blog I wrote we were in the early stages of having a coffee cart built, with the vision of going down on to the promenade in Cromer and serving you all our lovely coffee. Well I am pleased to announce to those who don't already know that this vision has been fulfilled!! (Picture below: Me and the coffee cart)

It took along time to get to this point and with many other distractions on the way, it's safe to say it took longer than I intended and it's still not all ironed out yet. Bitten off more than I can chew often pops up in my head, what with roasting coffee, designing a website, marketing, packaging and building a coffee cart, I feel that there is so much to do that I can procrastinate and then not accomplish any of the above, hence never getting around to writing another blog.. With all that being said I am now trying to get a horsebox coffee shop up and running haha.... Yes!! A horsebox coffee shop!! :) 

I know right!? Like I don't have enough on my plate!! Not only have I bitten off more than I can chew, I'm now trying to ram more in!! lol As you can imagine this also has it's challenges to face and I'm sure you will all be updated in the next blog about the project. But it really is amazing, I am so grateful for everyone that has got me to this point, whether it be family and friends or for all you amazing customers who support through the online store (please keep doing so, your contributions makes this possible) This all started whilst sat at my desk in my old job as just an idea and scribbling notes on my pad, so for it now to be slowly coming true is crazy!!! 

I'm sure I've missed many things that have happened in this past year but if you have any questions or are curious about our coffee venture then please contact me via :) I hope you all wake up with something that inspires you. Lyrical Coffee is about good vibes, good coffee, good music and spreading love!! 

Pour. Drink. Sing.

I'll add some photos of the horsebox coffee shop below. :)