Lyrical Coffee Co was born as a result of two passions of mine, music and coffee.
I would spend countless hours trying to come up with an idea with which could scratch my creative itch. I have always dabbled in music whether it be singing in a band, playing piano, guitar or writing songs, so I've always known music is a huge part of my life and so this was something that I wanted to be included in my brand. 
Me and my brother have always shared a passion for coffee & music and also spent a lot of money on it over the years. My fascination with coffee grew once I had realized everything that went into my everyday cup, from the picking of the coffee cherry on farms all over the world, to the distribution of the green coffee beans, the roast, brewing methods, packaging and selling. It didn't take me long to realize that this was something I wanted to do. I decided to start learning everything about coffee and sourced out some green coffee to roast myself, I loved the chemistry behind it and the thousands of chemical reactions happening in each roast, roasting is an ongoing lesson and with each bean come different results.

I want people to love coffee and everything that comes with it, I want people to know that two individual passions can become something much bigger and I want LYRICAL COFFEE CO to inspire people to create something themselves.

  “We hope to inspire and prod believers as part of our revolution”
So please enjoy one of your favorite songs with a lovely cup of Lyrical Coffee and dream up something BIG! 
Coffee and music together, forever.
Lyrical Coffee Co.